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Long story short: homey's cheesed because his roommate
is an incensitive, lazy slug of a man. He had this itty
bitty kitty but was never around to take care of it, so
the job of feeding and cleaning the litterbox fell to him.
Every night, he would come home to find the catbox clean
and began to worry that the cat wasn't having any bowel
movements (bowel obstructions can be serious with kitties)
but his roommate wouldn't confess. Then he decided to up
the bar.

He spent the next few days carbo-loading and binge eating,
all in an effort to fashion the perfect food baby crap log;
to create a fecal statement of his own. After a few days, he
could sheath it no longer and freed the ferocious testiment
in the catbox. The final product was larger than the cat.

That's exactly what I thought of when creating this font.
And don't ask why, you won't get an appropriate answer.
Let's just say the human mind in a fascinating, tasty
treat and there are things man was simply not meant to



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